1. Is the escorting legal?

Yes it is, all the girls that we have here are completely agree of being part of the agency, they share their pictures with us and they are willing to share nice moments with you.

2. Are the girls real?

Yes of course, all the girls are real. They took time to prepare their professional pictures for you.

3. Can the incall girls visit clients?

Normally incall girls are only incall, but sometimes when they are bored, they can go with you; you have to ask to the receptionist if the girl can, and then make your appointment.

4. What happened if I made a booking with an incall and after I can’t go?

You have to call us and cancel it immediately! Normally the incall girls work for many agencies and if you can’t go and see the girl, another client can make an appointment instead of you!

5. Can I change the time of a booking?

Yes you can, but it has to be at least 30 minutes before the booking that you made earlier with incall girls and with outcalls it has to be at least 1hr earlier.

6. Why I have to pay more for one outcall?

Is because of the travel, the majority of the girls take a taxi to go to your place, and we have to cover her expenses.

7. Why I have to pay cancelation if I don’t like the girl?

Well, as we explained before, the girls take time and expend money to go to your place, and is not fair for them go to one place for nothing expending time and taxi fares. You have to ask about how much is the cancelation fee, normally is £30 but it depends on how far are you from the girl.

8. Can I extend my booking?

Yes you can, we have special fees for the clients who wants to extend more hours with our girls.

9. Can I know the services before to make a booking?

The time that you expend with a girl is what we are charging for, then the things that you want to do with the girl is only between you and her.

10. Should I bring something for the meeting?
It iss not necessary because the girls go to your place ready with all the things that you can need, but if you want to share some special drinks with the girls, why not? It’s up to you.
11. Am I virgin…does it matter?

No darling, it doesn’t matter at all. Actually the girls love virgin guys. They act so sweet with virgin guys that you are going to remember that moment for your entire life. You should get your first time with one of our Escort girls.